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Facility management like never before.

We are an on-demand integrated facility management service that helps you to do facility maintenance tasks anywhere in Sri Lanka within hours by simply raising a ticket.

The Problem

Facility management is no walk in the park. As experienced executives, we witnessed how difficult it was to manage hundreds of vendors, thousands of work orders, back and forth negotiations, and above all, the difficulty associated with remote maintenance in Sri Lanka.

The Solution

We needed a solution that can solve all of these problems, a platform that can do on-site management with a complete CMMS (A Computerized maintenance management system), and an on-demand service that can access the best vendors in the country within seconds.

Convenience above all

Facilitypal is what we came up with, a complete platform that can do it all. With Facilitypal, you can do any remote maintenance by simply raising a ticket while doing in-house facility management work on our CMMS application.

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The Mission

We are on a mission to create the best tool on the market for managers to handle maintenance-related work without having to manually employ hundreds of vendors or visiting every branch to do simple maintenance tasks.

How it works

The Future

We know it's difficult to fix the broken facility management system, where managers waste thousands of hours on simple maintenance tasks and off-site visits. But we are confident that Facilitypal will help you do work efficiently by being the one-stop solution that every facility manager ever wanted.

Facilitypal is more than a CMMS

Facilitypal is your one-stop solution to sort all your corporate service needs ranging from construction to maintenance, quickly, professionally, and conveniently.

We are an integrated on-demand facility management service that helps you to get any of your maintenance tasks done by just raising a ticket.

1. First, signup and raise a support ticket through our cloud-based application.We will attend your request within minutes and deploy a vendor to give you an estimation within an hour.

2.Then, our agents will start working once the estimation is approved and continue to upload the progress on the live feed that helps you monitor and guide maintenance work remotely.

3.Finally, pay us monthly or bi-weekly once the maintenance is completed regardless of the number of tasks we do.

There are no monthly fees or signup fees. We charge you a flat 5% commission on every maintenance task we complete.

We are on a mission to standardize the facility management industry in Sri Lanka by imposing controlled pricing on maintenance tasks and services.

We use a market-driven pricing strategy that helps organizations to plan and keep costs low while enabling vendors to get more work done at competitive prices.

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